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Palatial Persian Kittens

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Kitten Pics!

Meet Luna & Romeo

Luna is the mother of all our kittens. She is a flat-faced Himalayan Persian with blue eyes and white pointed fur. Like all Persians, she is extremely loving and the ultimate lap cat. She often lays on our pillow at night above our heads when she isn’t nursing or playing.

Romeo sired all of our kittens. He is a doll-faced Silver Chinchilla Persian with green eyes. He is a regal cat with a majestic coat of fur (he was trimmed before this photo). He commands attention and the respect of royalty with a good brush, a few pets, and food of course!

We are not expecting kittens at this time.

All kittens are Silver Shaded Persians—the “Rolls Royce” of the cat world. Their coat will lighten over time with shaded tips. Their coats will continue to lighten and match their paws & belly which are white with gray tips—just like Dad!

Persian Kittens for sale

Previous Silver Persian Kittens 

Female “Lola” – SOLD!!!

Silver Persian Kitten - Elsa

Male “Everest” – SOLD!!!

Silver Persian Kitten - Everest
Stunning Silver Persian Kittens
Persian Kittens for sale

Male “Luca” – SOLD!!!

Persian Kittens for sale

Male “Stormi” – SOLD!!!

Persian Kittens for sale

Male “Sterling” – SOLD!!!

Persian Kittens for sale

Male “Buttons” – SOLD!!!

Palatial Persian Kittens

Information & Warranty

Persian Cats

We breed only one family of Persian cats to ensure the best quality, care & attention for our kittens.

Evaluated & Vaccinated

All kittens are evaluated by a veterinarian and receive their first immunizations before transitioning to your home.


All kittens come with a 14-day, money-back guarantee. We want to ensure your trust in our family of kittens.

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We are currently no longer expecting kittens at this time.

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